Why choose Sold Central to sell your Property? 

That’s a very good question and to answer that question, you may have to look into to the future and visualise the absolute best result you are looking for.....and if you are like most homeowners the answer is music to a seller’s ear.

Let us show you the MONEY!

Isn’t this what every Homeowner wants to hear? You simply want the best price in the quickest time possible with no frustrations along the way.

Well that is exactly what we are here for! To be the agent that puts more money in your pocket with less stress!

Buying or selling a home, block of land or investment property is one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make (involving one of your biggest assets) and naturally, you want the best possible outcome.

You'll also want sound advice you can trust and discreet professional service you can count on.

Once you get to know us you will discover we are not just another real estate agency.....we pride ourselves on being different in many positive ways that give our clients a significant edge when buying or selling.

Here are just ten of the many reasons why homeowners consider it a smart decision to contact our team for their real estate needs.

  1. Our Marketing Philosophy. It's quite simple, but very effective. The result, your property reaches a lot more buyers. WE WILL TELL THE WORLD YOUR PROPERTY IS FOR SALE USING EVER CHANGING TECHNOLOGY BACKED UP WITH GOOD OLD FASHIONED FRIENDLY SERVICE. Buyers want to know as much as they can about the property before they arrange a viewing, so by giving out all the details (address, price, all features, land size, zoning etc) more genuine and qualified buyers inspect a seller’s home. It's the SMART way of marketing.

  2. We offer cutting edge technology and A Website Presentation That Helps SELL Your Property for more. More and more buyers are using the web to do their homework before they go looking so it's critical to grab the attention of these buyers. We created our website with the buyer in mind.

    Let's face it, if the buyer loves it they'll visit it more than any other site. It's a favourite site for buyers because it's easy to navigate, gives more photos for the buyer to look at and tells the buyer everything about the property. Therefore our sellers benefit.

  3. We are proud of the Positive Energy and Enthusiastic Team Environment that set us apart. Yes we are fun to work with!

    We believe that we can learn to take a positive out of every situation (no matter how hard it may be). We are positive and enthusiastic about everything we do, from finding a new home for buyers, or helping our sellers achieve a successful sale. But, perhaps more importantly, we have fun while we do this.

  4. All Buyers are super qualified so when we make an appointment to view your property we are not wasting your time at inspections.

    We focus on never missing a buyer’s enquiry. If a buyer makes an enquiry about a particular property this is handled by any one of the sales staff who are made aware of each listing we have for sale.

    This type of service can only be made available by a boutique agency. We limit the number of listings we take on board unlike the larger franchise agent where your property maybe one of 400 listed for sale. Our hands on approach means an enquiry on your property is handled as soon as it comes in by any of our sales staff who offer assistance and offer up probing questions to the buyer before any appointment is made. This level of detailed enquiry could result in a much faster successful sale for you.

  5. To achieve top dollar you not only need a top marketing campaign, you need a top negotiator.

    Similar properties often do NOT sell for similar prices! The reason is - salespeople's negotiation skills are NOT all the same. Negotiation skills do vary considerably from agency to agency. All our consultants spend time on a weekly basis together fine tuning their skills in negotiation. It is this fundamental difference that sets Sold Central apart from other local agents and at the end of the day helps achieve the best price for your property.

  6. Sellers are not kept in the dark at Sold Central…… We offer an administrative support group who offer quality control procedures so you are kept informed at all times.

    Your Sold Central Sales Consultant is your main point of contact throughout the sales process but behind the scenes our admin team provide full backup and support to our sales department. With the help of state of the art database systems and quality procedures, they ensure that all aspects of your listing and sale are handled quickly and efficiently. You will always be kept informed, and there is never a chance of being “forgotten”, even after you move on!

  7. One size fits all packages are not on our agenda. Individual Selling/Marketing Plans are tailored to your budget and property.

    We understand each property is different and so are the owners. We therefore tailor a marketing program that is specifically designed to achieve a premium sale price for you whilst considering your needs and the uniqueness of your property. Your individual needs are the most important aspect of your relationship with us.

  8. Hot Buyers Data Base. As a seller you need to tap into this valuable resource to secure your best price. Checkout our system and how you can spy on us!

    Some agencies will tell you they have a large database of investors and yes they do it’s called a rent roll and as they are investors they are the type of buyer who wants to pay the least amount for your property not the best price. At Sold Central we only enter those buyers onto our data base that are fully qualified and genuine with the majority looking for a home to live in.

    Actually here is a great piece of advice for you if you are selling……Pretend you are a buyer! We don’t mind you spying on us in-fact we insist on it. Just drop into one of our open homes un-announced and see the service we offer and how we qualify potential buyers firsthand…….Once you have experienced a Sold Central Open Home we are confident you will see really feel our point of difference.

    As we keep in close contact with serious, qualified buyers we sell a number of properties without going to market. You must understand most buyers have been looking for some time and may have missed out other properties and they become frustrated. if we provide a sneak peek to our database of buyers just before launching your property for sale and it is presented and priced correctly you could have buyers fighting to buy your home.

  9. You want maximum price? We expose your property on numerous websites and portals to give your property massive exposure to keen buyers.

    Your property is featured on key websites and real estate portals such as www.realestate.com.au ,www.domain.com.au to name a few. This gives our sellers' properties huge exposure rapidly increasing the chances of a buyer finding out about your property.

  10. The previous 9 points we addressed are only a few of the tools and services we offer to make selling your property a rewarding and successful experience…….but one last thing we must highlight and it may sound corny but we CARE, we really do CARE.

    • We care about offering a stress free successful campaign to assist in selling your property
    • We care about getting maximum price for your property so you can move onto the next phase in your life
    • We care about what you think about us
    • We care about what you say about us
    • We care and understand it is sometimes difficult to select an agent you want to work with to sell probably your most valuable asset and if you have arrived at the end of this page and read in full what we offer you as a seller, we encourage you to contact Sold Central when it comes time to sell your home.


    We intend growing Sold Central by way of referral and if we don’t truly care about our clients then you aren’t going to tell anyone about our service and that’s not good business, wouldn’t you agree?

    Look forward to offering you advice on your real estate needs in the future.

    Warm Regards,

    Melanie and the whole team at Sold Central